D.O.T. (Department of Transportation)

D.O.T.Use our High Intensity D.O.T. Reflective Products to bring safety to your commercial or non- commercial vehicles.

All our D.O.T varieties of reflective tape and reflex reflectors provide maximum brightness and durability. All red and amber NuVue reflex reflectors are made to exacting standards and have been designed and tested to exceed Department of Transportation Standards. Made from high quality PMMA acrylic material, NuVue reflectors offer maximum reflectivity to ensure you get noticed. Reflectors are equipped with pressure sensitive foam mounting tape and can be securely fastened to virtually any surface of your vehicle.

View the NuVue Products Commercial Grade Vehicle Recommendations Diagram, a quick guide to optimal vehicle placement >>

DOT-C2 Safety Tape Strips

DOT-C2 Safety Strips
  • 2” x 12” lengths, 4 strip pack (4’ total length)
  • 6” red, 6” white repeating pattern
  • Safety tape manufactured with sealed edges and uses micr-prismatic marking technology for maximum reflectivity and durability
  • Typical brightness of 800 candle power
  • pressure sensitive tape adheres well to any clean, hard surface
  • see Commercial Grade Vehicle Recommendations >>

Product #Pack Size
260048" x2"D.O.T. Approved

DOT-C2 Safety Tape Rolls

DOT-C2 Safety Tape Roll
  • Tape rolls: 2” x 36” or 2“ x 25’
  • 11” red, 7” white repeating pattern
  • Made from top grade commercial DOT-C2 approved tape
  • Complies with Department of Transportation requirements
  • Dramatically enhances visibility at night, or in adverse conditions, when a light is shone at vehicle
  • Ideal for use on commercial vehicles, trailers or anywhere around the home or workplace where increased awarenessto a hazard is required
  • Apply to clean, smooth surfaces at temperatures above 50º F (10º C)
  • see Commercial Grade Vehicle Recommendations >>

Product #Pack Size
260336" x2"D.O.T. Approved
260625' x2"D.O.T. Approved

Commercial Grade Vehicle Recommendations

Commercial Grade Vehicle Recommendations

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