All NuVue framed covers are Patent Protected due to their innovative design features

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Winter Shrub Cover

Snow Protector
Product #Size
2025022" x22"
2025230" x28"
2025338" x36"
2025442" x40"
2025954" x52"
  • Ideal for all winter protection and extreme winter conditions
  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass framed covers
  • Protects plants and shrubs from heavy snow, freezing rain, road salt spray, animals and winter burn
  • Thick Gauge Synthetic Material protects better than burlap!
  • Stows flat and reusable
  • Will not rot, mold or mildew
  • Sets up in seconds, includes 4 ground spikes
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • see product chart >>

The Ultimate Winter Plant Protection Cover!

Premium Winter Rose Cover Kit

Premium Winter Rose Cover Kit
Product #Size
3062421" x20"

Rose Kit Contents
  • Premium Winter Rose Cover Kit provides better protection than Styrofoam covers
  • The included Rose Collar allows you to bury the crown of the plant with mulch or fresh top soil for optimal insulation
  • Protects delicate roses from the harsh winter conditions
  • All winter protection
  • High-Tech Synthetic Fabric won’t breakdown – re-useable!
  • Blocks out snow, salt and freezing rain while allowing air, filtered sun and rain to penetrate which is critical for plant life
  • Installs in seconds and stows away easily
  • Kit contains: 3 spikes, twine, 1 rose collar and 1 rose cover
  • 3 Year Warranty


These NuVue Synthetic Winter Wrapz™ plant covers are universally sized for tree, shrub, hanging plant or outdoor items.

The synthetic materials used provide superior performance and longevity over natural fiber products. What’s more, they won’t rot, mold or mildew for years of use. Trust NuVue for all your plant protection needs.

Winter Wrapz™

Winter Wrapz
  • NuVue Winter WRAPZ™ are a Universal High-Tech Synthetic Cover
  • The WRAPZ™ are ideal for protecting trees and shrubs from strong winds, snow, freezing rain and road salt
  • The WRAPZ™ can be used where a framed cover application will not work like lawn furniture or a row of hedges, potted plants, hanging baskets, shrubs, bushes, trees or in the garden to cover any item.
  • High-Tech Insulating Synthetic Fabric won’t breakdown – re-useable!
  • Available in three sizes:
Winter Wrapz 10 x 20
2416010' X 20'

  • 24160 is 10 feet X 20 feet includes 14 grommets and 14 metal stakes ideal for hedges or larger coverage areas
  • Center grommet hole to allow for a hanging flower basket hook to pass through.
Winter Wrapz 8 feet round
241708' Round

  • 24170 is 8 feet round, with a drawstring to cinch over and secure ideal for smaller plants and shrubs up to 3 feet tall
Winter Wrapz 12 feet round
2417112' Round

  • 24171 is 12 feet round, with a drawstring to cinch over and secure ideal for medium plants and shrubs up to 5 feet tall


NuVue offers a range of bulk synthetic rolls for the do-it-yourself gardener.

The synthetic materials offered are an affordable solution to plant protection, but can also be used as insulating wraps and wind blocks.

Winter Fleece Garden Blanket

Winter Garden Blanket
Product #Size
2029925' x42"
  • Better than burlap!
  • Can be used as a garden blanket or wrap
  • High Tech Insulating Fleece Fabric protects against insects, freezing rain, frost and snow damage
  • Insulates against extreme swings in temperature
  • Allows air and rain to penetrate

Synlap Synthetic Burlap Roll

Synthetic Burlap Roll
Product #Size
3050025' x42"
  • Better than burlap!
  • High-tech synthetic weave cover protects plants, trees and shrubs from strong winds, road salt spray, winter burn and heavy snow damage
  • Animal pest control, keeps deer and rodents from eating foliage
  • Can be used as a wrap or fencing
  • Long lasting and re-usable
  • No twine required! Innovative design includes twine woven directly into the fabric for cutting and securing ends.

Product Chart

Winter Protection Chart

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