FAQ - Treecoat

How do I determine the size needed?

Simply measure the height of the tree you need to cover. Buying a size larger than you need will allow for growth so you can use it for more than one winter.

How do I secure the TreeCoat cover so that it will stay in place? 

Each TreeCoat has a built-in zipper to firmly hold the TreeCoat around the tree. At the bottom of each TreeCoat cover you will find two cords. The cords are designed to allow you to secure the TreeCoat cover to the bottom of the tree.

How do I store the TreeCoat cover when not in use?

NuVue’s TreeCoat covers can easily be stored when not in use. Simply fold the cover making sure all tree debris is removed. Please ensure the cover is completely dry before storing and keep in a dry space.

Will the TreeCoat cover damage my tree?

NuVue’s TreeCoat covers are designed with high tech materials that allow sunlight and moisture in while protecting the plant from outside elements. TreeCoat covers will not damage your tree but will protect them from extreme elements.